Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Number 16

Tea Party Double Feature

A.  You will have to ask the Tea Party to answer this question, 'cause I don't have the answer myself; but, what's the difference between an 'activist' judge and a 'patriotic' judge?

I'm very bemused about the reaction of my friends camped out over in right-wing land.  They are celebrating with much ecstasy the fact that a federal judge in Texas put a halt to the President's immigration plan.  To these people he is a 'red-blooded, American hero' standing up to the tyranny of the executive branch.  It is a "real Texas-sized smack down".  (That's an actual quote)

These are, of course, the same folks who decry 'judicial activism' when a judge somewhere delivers a ruling that they don't agree with.  Then it's all about how this one person is 'subverting the will of the majority'.  (Never minding the fact that our fore-fathers clearly gave the judiciary this power to ensure that majority-approved laws were also Constitutional.  Remember, slavery and "separate but equal" both enjoyed approval by majorities once upon a time.)

Look:  There's plenty to discuss and/or argue about when it comes to the Constitution. A person can believe that judges may legally block laws, or not (whether a law is popular or not).  (And if you don't think so, you need to retake a basic Civics class).  Just try to be consistent in your opinions or your hypocrisy might show.

B.  Do you remember Victoria Jackson?  She was on Saturday Night Live once upon a time, and her specialty was the "ditzy blonde".  These days she's a tea party advocate.  She recently posted a video entitled "There's a Muslim in the White House".  (click on the link below, if you would like).


I'll not debate the quality , or content of the video, but for one point.  Either you think she's hopelessly deluded, or a brave patriot trying to alert the masses.  I'm certain that my opinion won't change anyone's mind.

Here's the one point I'd like to make.  At one point in the video,  Ms. Jackson informs us that the President is allowed to lie about the fact that he's really a muslim.  What a wonderful way for Ms. Jackson to have her cake and eat it too!  In her scenario the President is either a Muslim lying about being a Christian or he's a Muslim lying about being a Christian.

The essence of this believe system (beyond the President's religious affiliation), is to disregard anything that doesn't support your opinions as being lies and untruths, and this strikes me as a tremendously dangerous way to construct your reality.  How can your thinking evolve if you always regard a differing opinion as a lie?

Unfortunately, it seems to me that Ms. Jackson is not alone among the tea party denizens who share this philosophy.  They believe what they believe, and any information that runs counter to those opinions are lies designed to destroy this great nation.


what a miserable way to live.

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